How Do You Play Blackjack Games?

Blackjack is one of the most played casino games all over the world, it is also widely known as 21. It is simply a cards comparing game, where the object of it is to beat the dealer’s cards count. In blackjack you do not compete against other players like poker, but all the players play to beat the dealer. This can happen in more than one way: first you can get exactly 21 points on your first dealt two cards, you can also finish the game with a score higher than the dealer’s but without reaching more than 21, or finally you win if you let the dealer draw more card until he exceeds 21.


blackjack_kj4389There is a great debate over the cheating in this game, blackjack games can be played with 2 decks up to eight. Each deck has 52 cards, few people can concentrate enough to count the cards and can predict when a desired card is about to come up next. Some floor guards and dealers are experienced enough to know whether the person is counting cards or not. If they find out that a person is counting cards, he is stripped of his/her winnings and thrown off the casino, they may even ban him/her from ever returning back.

Casino Play

When you play blackjack at a casino, it goes like this: you are seated on one side of a semi-circular table, where the dealer is on one side and you and up to seven players on the other side. The game starts by betting, the dealer puts all bets in the betting box and deals the cards. He plays two cards for himself and the same for each player, any player can be hit so he can get the 21 or less.



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